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Atlantik City

Cheating has never been a problem in Atlantic City casinos.

These numbers are nearly proportional to those which describe the fluctuations in ordinary Online Blackjack Games, so a system which was good for diagnosing advantage in Las Vegas would also have been good for this purpose in Atlantic City.

Unfortunately for the less flamboyant players who didn't get barred, a suit requiring casinos to allow card counters to play Online Blackjack Games was ruled upon favorably by a New Jersey court. This had as its predictable result the elimination of the surrender option and consequently what had been a favorable games for the player became an unfavorable one. Under the new set of rules, in effect as of June 1981, the basic strategist's expectation is -.46%. (For the correct six deck basic strategy see the end of page Eleven.)

The following chart of how much can be gained on each extra unit bet on favorable decks may be of some use to our East Coast brethren for whom "it's the only games in town."
Gain for each unit bet in Cards remaining favorable situations (%)
286 .03
260 .07
234 .14
208 .19
182 .26
156 .34
130 .44
104 .56
78 .79
52 .99
Even with three fourths of the shoe dealt a three to one bet spread is necessary just to break even.

Table Talk
In stud eight-or-better if you consistently play with three good cards and one bad one against players who have four good cards, you will lose everything you bring to the table.

One of the more common eight-or-better mistakes is to play three unconnected low cards too strongly. Not all three low-card starts are created equal.
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