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August 1979

The Sundowner in Reno ran a newspaper ad that said:

The Sundowner Hotel and Casino will help your (Canadian) dollars go further! Simply purchase in-house chips at 100°% par! These chips are good only at the Sundowner, and only for 21, dice, roulette, poker, and keno. Winners will be paid in regular Sundowner chips, redeemable in U.S. currency. Then, simply return your in-house chips for good old Canadian currency! We've also reduced the exchange reduction for slot change from 15% to 10%! So don't throw your money away, stay and play at the Sundowner Hotel and Casino!

You did not have to be Canadian to take advantage of this offer. You could buy a thousand dollars of Canadian currency for less than $900, and use it to buy S1000 of chips at the Sundowner. You simply carried these chips over to a Online Blackjack Games table, and bet them. Every time you won a hand, the dealer paid you in chips redeemable in good old American currency. Every time you lost, you lost Canadian.

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Chasing Is More Worthwhile in Stud Than in Hold'em
If the turn card is the 8 ? , it has helped you tremendously and has done nothing for your opponent, If the turn card is the J ?, it has helped your opponent, but curiously, not as much as it appears. You were already trailing and appeared to have only two outs. Now, with a board of 9V -Q ? -2 ?, J ?, you can win if any of the four tens hit the river. They give you a straight, although you will be hesitant to bet the ignorant (low) end of the straight, since anyone who has a king has a higher straight.

In stud, each player gets his own unique turn and river cards and the chance that both get a card that helps you identically doesn't exist. It's possible that you'll each catch worthless cards or each catch very helpful cards, but it's more likely in stud a turn or river card will help you catch up than it will in hold'em. For that reason, it is more "permissible" to try to come from behind in stud. You shouldn't make a habit of it, but if the pot is large enough, you're getting the right pot odds to continue playing.
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