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Bad Players

It's a dreaded phobia that festers in the hearts of most Online Blackjack Games players; the fear that the stranger at third base will misplay his hand, causing you to lose in the process. This belief that bad players hurt a good player's chances is so widespread that many die-hard "21 " buffs refuse to play in the company of novices! What does it all amount to in the big picture? Jack Squat -- that's what! Furthermore, We believe We can prove it to you if you'll just follow along with me.

Suppose you were playing Online Blackjack Games with only one other person at the table. You're at first base and he's at third. The dealer has a deuce up. You're both dealt a 15. Acting first, you make the correct play and stand. Now it's the third baseman's turn. You realize the dealer has to bust -- or you lose. So how do you want third base to play his hand?

If you said, "Stand", can you in logical terms explain why? Are you afraid that if he makes a mistake and hits it'll be bad luck for you? This is a common paranoia with no logical basis. But where does this paranoia come from? It stems from the fear of what can happen amidst threatening uncertainty.

First, there's the threatening uncertainty of what the dealer has in the hole. Then there's the threatening uncertainty of what the next card out of the shoe will be or the one after it. Put that all together and most people wish the third baseman would just "play it by the website", and stand. Does that sound like you?

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With those abstract ideas covered, I can provide a quick list of the actual tells that I pick up most often in home games. This is in own list, but Caro identifies many of the same phenomena, and I must again cite Book of Tells for focusing my perception against some of these behaviors:

A Hold'em player who quickly looks away from a flop wants you to think he's not interested in it when it really gave him a strong hand.
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