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Balanced Count

once all the residue settles from estimating the discard tray and rounding off your multiplication or division.

Low running counts on the other hand require quite a bit more memory work. That's because unbalanced count systems are calibrated in the direction of rising counts. At low counts, the link between the running count and the true count pretty much dissolves. This is not a serious shortcoming however, because at low running counts you'll either have your minimum bet up -- or will have already walked from the table. Still, if want to play your hands with more expertise when the count is poor, there is a way to do it. Take a look at the two hands below:

Let's say you're playing the Stage III Kiss Count, and on your first hand off the top of a six deck shoe you're dealt hand "A". Your index chart says to stand with 16 against a 10 if your count is "15" or higher. Having started off at "9", you now have a running count of "8" so you hit. No problem.

But what if you had hand "B" instead? This time your running count would be "10", again dictating that you hit. But we already know from earlier in this website that off the top with these cards, you should stand. There's the problem! Once again, that index number of "15" merely serves as an all around compromise. In fact, if you were 41/2 decks into that six deck shoe, it would actually be best to hit all the way through "18"! So what's the answer? Technically speaking, you should play that hand like this:

1 1/2

Now you'd actually be playing the hand in "true count mode". That's because you're supposed to stand with any kind of 16 against a 10 if the count is the least bit higher than normal. And because your system is unbalanced, it will normally rise two points with each deck that's dealt.

All your hands that have "low count" index numbers need to be played in true count mode if you really want to get them right. That's what the following table is for. It begins with the four "low count" hands from the Kiss index charts. And as long as we're going to all this trouble, it also includes four more hands you'll now be able to play very accurately.

[ 1 ][ 2 ]
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