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Online Blackjack Games can be played with one to eight decks of cards. Before a new games begins, the dealer spreads the new- cards to be used across the table, first face down so the backs can be inspected for telltale markings, and then face up, enabling both the dealer and the players to ascertain that there are no extra or missing cards. Refer to Figure 1 for the standard Online Blackjack Games table layout. Standard 52-card online poker games-sized decks are used, and the four suits have no significance; only the numerical value of each card is important: 2s through 9s are counted at their point value, and all 10s and face cards are valued at 10. The ace is unique, and can be counted as 1 or 11 at the player's option.

Then the dealer thoroughly shuffles the one to eight decks of cards. Upon finishing, the player is given a colored cut card, to be inserted anywhere in the stack of cards, which is placed on the table but held by the dealer. Some people prefer not to cut, and the option is then given to the next player. If no one wants to cut, the dealer does it himself. After the cut is completed, the dealer places the colored card toward the back of the stack to indicate when to reshuffle. If it's a single-deck games, the dealer holds the cards and deals; if it's a multi-deck games, the cards are placed in a wooden or plastic dealing box called a shoe. In any case, the first card-called a bum card-is not used, but is placed on the bottom of the single deck or in a discard rack. The burn card is not usually shown, but in many cases the dealer will expose it if a player asks to see it.

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Community Cards
Community cards, also known as "the board," are dealt face up in the middle of a table and are shared by all players in a game. Community cards are used mainly in hold'em and Omaha; in these games, players use a combination of their own private hole cards and some number of community cards to make their five-card hand.

In this scenario, someone whose hole cards are both spades has a flush because there are three spades on board; however, if anyone has either an eight or a nine in his hand, that player has a full house (as does anyone whose hole cards are a pair). If no one has one of these powerful hands, the winner is the player whose hole cards are highest in rank. This is one of the many reasons why, all else equal, you should prefer to play cards with high ranks over cards with low ranks.
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