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Benefits of Tokes

Some Online Blackjack Games players disagree with me; they think they get value for their tokes. See, for example, Ian Andersen's Turning the Tables on Las Vegas.

Here is a Daniel Forbes contribution:

My plane back was scheduled to depart late morning and I debated further play as I arose. After washing up and shaving, I returned to the Sahara to play once again at what was by then early Friday morning.

I settled in at one of the single-deck games ($25 minimum) and spread from $25 to whatever I could get away with. An attractive young woman was playing at third base; she was the only other player. It occurred to me she might have been a counter, but a deck or two later confirmed she was not. I slowly drilled the casino as she lost. Not long after, a clean-faced young man sat down and placed two S50 bets. After a few hands, it was obvious he was counting. I began to show him my cards immediately, and he shortly thereafter reciprocated. Because I was more than able and all too willing to bet 2 x $150 or more at positive counts, we began sharing any and all information available to us. Then it happened.

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The Flop With an Opponent
The hands with which you would almost always enter the pot by raising would be holdings like AA, KK, QQ, and AK. From middle to later position, ii and AQ become raisers, too. Why does position matter? Because the earlier you must act, the greater the chance of you being re-raised and put all-in by a player with (probably) a better starting hand. The closer you are to the button, the more safely you can raise with hands like low pocket pairs and ace anything. In fact, if your opponents in the blinds are very tight, you can raise on the button with almost any two cards to steal the blinds. (If they re-raise you, you can always fold.) How much should your raise be'-' It depends on how willing you are to actually see the flop with an opponent.
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