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Betting Correlation

A single deck was dealt down to the 14 card level and all systems ire evaluated according to their simultaneous diagnosis of the same hands, so the element of luck was kept to a minimum. if the pre-deal count for a system suggested an advantage, one unit was bet, otherwise nothing.

The systems are described in the table by their ten point values, ace through ten from left to right. This is folloid by the betting correlation, the Las Vegas simulation yield in % of units gained per hand played, the predicted yield (in parenthesis), the Reno simulation yield, and again the predicted yield using the methods of this section. Slightly altered parameters are necessary to approximate the Reno games, but these correlations are not presented since they differ very little from those for Las Vegas.

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Drawing to a Flush
There are other times when drawing to a flush or a straight can make sense:

Early in a tournament, when the bets tend to be small in comparison to your stack and there are more players seeing the flop. This is where you can make conventional decisions based on pot odds.

When you are in a position to semi-bluff especially against short-stacked players.

If you are heads-up against a short-stacked player who has gone all-in and calling his bet won't significantly hurt you. Over cards help you make this call. The reasons are that losing won't change the strategic situation, and short stacked players are under pressure to bet with any pair or simply bluff after the flop.
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