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Betting Limits

Most casinos post their limits clearly at the Online Blackjack Games tables with a sign that usually reads $1-$S00 or $S-$500. Betting limits vary from casino to casino. Within a casino it may vary from table to table. When no betting limit is shown on the table, the minimum game allowed may be $1 or $2.

Most players are comfortable playing at certain limits. Casino executives recognize this and know that a beginner betting $2 a hand will disrupt and slow down a game in which experienced players are wagering $100 to $1,000 a card. Therefore, they set various betting limits and restrict play at tables according to the minimum limits imposed.

The following are the minimum limits at twenty-one tables: $1, $2,$5, $10 (rarely), $25, and $100. The highest maximum bets are usually either $500 or $1,000. Sometimes a table will be given over to a player at limits higher than those mentioned. I watched a high roller at the Horseshoe Club in Las Vegas have a table to himself and bet with their gray $500 chips up to $5,000 a hand. It was a terrible mismatch, since the player didn't know what he was doing.

When a player wagers on two hands at one time, he must usually bet double the minimum table limit on each hand. Thus, if he's at a $S table, he must bet $10 on each of his hands. This rule is sometimes in effect, sometimes not. In any event, it's an arbitrary rule that makes no sense, but is generally enforced. Why one player must bet double what two players would bet separately is a mystery to me.

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The Money Threshold
If you are in the middle of the pack, your goal is not to win the tournament, at least not vet. Your goal is to finish in the money. That means you should tighten up and protect your chips while other players get eliminated. Shorter stacked players will have to make desperate plays to stay alive. Let them, and if you can, let other players go after them.

If a player goes all-in against another opponent, don't go all-in yourself unless you have a monster hand. Your highest expected value comes from folding and giving the all in player a chance to lose all by himself.

This phase of the tournament can last for quite a while as everyone plays tight. Try not to let your stack get cut down by the blinds enough to put you into the more desperate situation described below. If it looks like that's where you're headed, you are better off actively trying to go after shorter stacks-even if the money threshold is close while you have enough chips to bet with authority. The fact that other middle-stacked players tend to tighten up now gives you opportunities to steal more than your share of small pots against them by bluffing.
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