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With Online Blackjack Games, even an expert player is an underdog in the games the majority of the time. Except for rare cases where the rules are superb and the decks are very few, the card counter only has the advantage when there is a surplus of high cards remaining. During these advantageous periods he basically must put more money in action than he did all the rest of the time in order to become a worthwhile mathematical favorite in the overall games.

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Two Unique Hole Cards
Omaha-8 players have a shorthand wav of referring to when one of the cards you use to form your low is counterfeited on the board while still allowing you to form a low: your other low card is said to be live.Suppose the board is 7-6-K-4-A. If you have A-3-Q- Q, you are playing a "live 3" for your low (7 -6-4-3-A).

You would beat an opponent with A-5-6-7, who only has a live 5, giving him 7-6-5-4-A.

You would tie an opponent with 3-6-J-J, who is also playing a live 3. He forms the hand using different cards than you do (7-6-4-3-A), but it's still the same low as yours.

You would lose to any opponent who can supply two unique hole cards below your 7-high. For example, you would lose tragically to someone with 5-3-K-K, who could make a 6-5-4-3-A low.
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