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Beyond Card Counting

A reader says, I had dinner with a pit boss who knows I am playing Online Blackjack Games for a living and he gave me some helpful hints. He explained to me why he and other bosses dislike counters, and you might want to pass it on sometime to your readers. He said that card counters become dissatisfied with what they are capable of earn-ing and in time invariably turn to other ways of making even bigger money - like making deals with the deal-ers. According to the pit boss, he has seen it happen many times, where a counter has been allowed to play for a period of days or weeks, only to abuse the "privi-lege" by ending up as a greedy cheat. He told me that one way to avoid getting kicked out would be to keep conversations with the dealers to a minimum, so as not to arouse suspicions of enticing them.

Proficient Online Blackjack Games players do not invariably turn to cheating. However, if pit bosses really believe what this one does, the last sentence of the letter is good advice.

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Low Card Combinations
Other low card combinations, such as A-4, A-5, and 2-4, should be tallied only as slight improvements to hands that can play for the high. Never play them by themselves. You might become skeptical of this restrictive advice after watching a series of low pots fall into the laps of players who hold these cards or worse, but don't be fooled. These are flukes.

Players who call before the flop with the intention of going low with such holding will lose a lot of chips in the long run. Almost as important as the ranks of your low cards is the presence of more than two of them. By holding three low cards instead of just two, your chances of being counterfeited plummet dramatically. This makes hands with three or four unpaired wheel cards playable for low, especially if one of them is an ace
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