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Online Blackjack Games Advantage

Online Blackjack Games has overtaken craps in the last fifteen years to be come the most popular of the casino games. While an individual online baccarat games or craps table may take in more money than the average Online Blackjack Games table, there are many more tables in a casino devoted to twenty-one, as the games is sometimes called, and more and more people are playing the games.

Much of the recent popularity has been due to the publication of the Site Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp. Prior to its publication, Online Blackjack Games was considered a game in which the house held a big advantage over the player, and few players knew the correct strategy necessary to beat the games.

With the advent of the computer it became possible for mathematicians to play out millions of hands of Online Blackjack Games, eliminating certain cards from each deal to see the effect they'd have on the overall odds of the games. As a result of these studies, distilled by Thorp in his Site, a player could now know the correct procedure for playing out each individual hand, and more important, he could know when the deck was favorable or unfavorable to him, and thus could raise or lower his bets accordingly.

When readers of Beat the Dealer converged on Las Vegas, the casinos first treated them with amusement, considering them "system" players, and they knew system players always lost. But as casino losses mounted, the operators of the Vegas clubs became panicky and started tampering with the black-lack rules. Some rule changes were merely temporary ones, while others have lasted to this day. Many were restored, not because it was to the casino's advantage to do so, but because thousands of players who liked Online Blackjack Games and couldn't care less about card counting and correct strategy stayed away from the tables. When this happened, most of the former rules were reinstated, because the bottom line to any casino is its profit margin.

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The Great Melting Pot
The players in private games include literally anyone. Whether a group of dentists or Supreme Court justices, players often tend to come from the same social stratum. Women play (currently they comprise about 10 percent of players; we generally use male pronouns in the book simply for stylistic ease), as do people of all ethnicities and ages. Cardrooms and casinos are even more of a melting pot. I've played in the same game with movie stars and gas station attendants, renowned professors and the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, motorcycle gang members and former Mob members (as of this writing, I've never played in a game that had one each of those groups ... but it could happen!).
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