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Online Blackjack Games is the most popular casino table games. When played properly using basic strategy you can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. With card counting you can get the edge.
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Perilous Play
It's a certainty I will get flamed on RGP for mentioning the negative aspects here, because some RGP denizens get highly defensive about the group. Saying something bad about their discussion group is, to these Internet-focused souls, no different from saying something bad about them, even though the difference should seem obvious. The newsgroup has quite literally become their life's focus.
Because individuals can post anonymously on RGP, the posters are safely hidden behind their screen names and keyboards. A vocal minority act both brave and tough when the reality is that by posting anonymously and irresponsibly, they are proving that they are precisely the opposite. Once you realize this, you can develop a thick skin and accept the forum for what it is, taking the bad along with the good.
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