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After receiving your initial two cards from the dealer, you determine their value by simply adding them together. A 5 and 3 is 8; a king and 6 is 16; and an ace and 7 is either 8 or 18. If your first two cards consist of an ace and a 10 or any picture card, the hand is a perfect one-a "Online Blackjack Games"-often called a natural. Unless the dealer ties you with another Online Blackjack Games, you have an automatic winner, and instead of the usual even-money payoff, you are immediately paid one and a half times your bet. For example, if you have $10 up, you receive $15. With a tie, called a push, no money is exchanged.

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A private game is one not played in a public cardroom or casino. It can be played at someone's house (curiously, private games are often called home games even if they aren't played in a home), in a fraternal organization, a company's meeting room, or even a hotel room. Private games usually meet regularly (once a week is common) but can also be one-shot affairs.
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