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Bonus for multicard

Reflection justifies the closeness of the single deck frequencies to the four deck ones. A hand like (3,3,3,3,4), with repetition of a particular denomination, will be much less probable for a single deck, but (A,2,3,4,5), with no repetition, occurs more often in the single deck. Hands with only one repetition, like (2,3,4,4,5) are almost equally likely in either case and tend to make up the bulk of the distribution anyway.

When a bonus is paid for (6,7,8) of the same suit or (7,7, 7), different strategy changes are indicated depending on how much it is. we can use the infinite deck expectation table to approximate how big a bonus is necessary for (6,7,8) of the same suit in order to induce us to hit the 8 and 6 of hearts against the dealer's two showing. Suppose B is the bonus paid automatically if i get the 7 of hearts in our draw. we must compare our hitting expectation of Hence, with a 5 to 1 bonus i'd hit, but if it ire only 4 to 1 i'd stand.

Bonuses of fixed value, like a $5 bonus for (A, J) of spades, are usually only of interest to the minimum bettor.

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Joining an Existing Game
You'll see regular RGP postings such as, "I'm looking for a small-stakes home game in the Chicago area." The poster will likely get many responses, usually private, because home games are usually illegal (at least technically), and the players have no desire to advertise their activities to the world. Recognize, though, that the players you find while searching advanced poker resources, such as RGP, are likely to be more highly skilled than the typical random home game player.
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