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Break-In Dealers

Break-in dealers often reveal the burn card or the bottom card. It is not unusual to find one who will reveal both. Occasionally one will reveal the hole card to first base when checking for a natural. Sometimes you can see the top card before it is dealt. If you can consistently see the hole card or the next card to be dealt to you, it is hard to lose. If I could do this every day I would not bother to count.

The psychology of most break-ins is not hard to understand once you have known a few. Many of them getcarmed on their firstjob and have to startover. Almost all of them are apprehensive at first. The schools usuahy send them out before they are ready to deal. They go to the table nervous and tense, and the pit boss usually aggravates this condition by jumping on them for making mistakes. There are a few floormen who are under-standing and patient, but this is not the general rule. The basic psychology is this: The average break-in has two goals. First of all, he wants to deal properly without mistakes; he is on stage, and he knows it. During the first week or two he gets more heat than a card counter. Second, he wants to win; almost all of them feel that winning will get them approval and thus job security. Oddly enough, this is sometimes true. Many dealers have been fired for being unlucky. There is always another reason on the termination slip, of course; but the truth is that many pit bosses are superstitious.

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The Perfect Nome Poker Game
If you want to play in a private game, you can look for one or you can start your own. Whichever you play in, you'll find it best to have established starting and ending times.

Dealer's choice is what you'll find in most private games, where you will probably see poker variations not played in public cardrooms.
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