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Can Baccarat Be Beaten

Even 2000 simulated subsets are rather unreliable for the volatile `Tie' bet, but the handwriting is definitely on the wall and it supports Thorp's contention. With 10 cards remaining (the most extremely optimistic assumption) we could expect to earn 3.22% of the wager i're willing to make on whatever favorable situations might occur then, hoiver minuscule their advantages be. With 16 cards this drops to .70% and with 26 cards to about .11%. Beyond this level there's virtually nothing to bother with.

But, a typical shoe will rarely offer us wagers with precisely 10 cards remaining, even in Atlantic City. A smoothing and averaging of the simulated opportunity figures suggests that, if :
(a) we had a computer capable of calculating exact expectations for encountered baccarat subsets and
(b) had enormous assets capable of funding $1000 bets whenever the shoe int good, to any degree, and on any bet, then we would profit from our knowledge and technology at the rate of 2% of $1000, or $20 per baccarat shoe. A deeply dealt baccarat shoe takes perhaps an hour to deal, so it would seem there must be something better to do with our science! it is interesting to speculate that we would be unlikely to average more than one bet per shoe, and if we had to make 80 waiting bets at $25 each on perhaps a typical disadvantage of 1% (picking the best of the bad bets by our computer), our camouflage would eat up all our profit!

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The Inside Straight
Because players have more cards from which to choose, winning hands tend to be higher than either of the preceding variations. Players needn't decide which of their three cards is least valuable and a card they might otherwise have been forced to discard can end up helping them win.
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