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Multi-Deck Shoe Game

The opening of the Atlantic City, casinos and the very favorable rules that they featured has been well documented in this site Online Blackjack Games: A Winner's Handbook.

The early-surrender decision made the game unique because it allowed surrendering half your bet and giving up the hand before the dealer checked the hole card. It had a huge impact on the player's advantage because, on hands where the dealer had a Online Blackjack Games, the player executing early surrender lost only half his bet to the dealer's strongest hand.

Julian Braun, who worked with a number of the pioneers of card counting systems, quickly developed a basic strategy for the new early surrender decision, which yielded a player advantage of 0,25 percent off the top of their four-deck shoe games. We published this strategy in our gaming column in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the rush was on to get the money. Early surrender and the other regulation requiring the casinos to deal two-thirds of a shoe before shuffling attracted hordes of card counters to the "candy store," including the famed Online Blackjack Games player Kenny Uston and his Online Blackjack Games teams.

The fun lasted only until 1981, when casino management persuaded the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to eliminate these two rules and to give them the right to bar suspected card counters from play.

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Something in Return
Many people play poker for social reasons and although it's going too far to say they don't care if they lose, it's probably reasonable to say they don't worry about it excessively. They figure that they're paying for entertainment. They may rationalize that it costs them no more to indulge in an evening of poker than it would to go to a movie or have some other night out on the town (and if all they lose is the price of a movie ticket, they aren't rationalizing).
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