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Ceiling on Win

The Yin Yang Yo game discussed in the page on top money-making opportunities illustrates some impor-tant points about being a pro. One is that to win big money from a casino, it is better if few people are doing what you are doing. No other players were betting the Yo for big money hour after hour; it was easy for pit bosses to attribute the mounting stacks of chips in front of Dave Douglas's friends to luck. If you are going to count cards at Online Blackjack Games, you should have your own unique act; you do not want people to quickly recognize you as a card counter because of having seen other people who act just like you.

Another lesson is that there is only so much money that can be extracted from a given situation. In the case of the Yo bets, the money Douglas's friends won represented the casino's entire winnings on the game for the two weeks it had been open. The casino manager shut down the game when he no longer was a winner at it. (If you ever run into the game of Yin Yang Yo 22 in the future, it almost certainly will be with the Yo bet modi-fied to give the casino an edge.)

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Short-Handed Play
After the flop, the realities of the cards are overwhelmed by the perceptions and psychologies of the players, making deception and aggressiveness crucial. Put on your best poker performance and have fun going after the big prize.

A no-limit Hold'em match among a handful of good players is an amazing sight to behold. Human factors become preeminent, and mathematics recedes into near trivial significance. The hands that these players play with-and win with-defy everything that you know about good basic strategy. That is because the decisions that these players make have very little to do with any math and depend almost entirely on what they think their opponents will do in specific situations.' The bluffs become more audacious, and deception gets integrated into every decision that is made. Finally, because so much can be at stake with the fall of a single card, luck often plays a large role in crowning the winner.

Amateurs who watch a World Series video or the new World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel frequently misinterpret these phenomena as proof that the best poker players somehow transcend mathematically sound basic strategy. What these spectators often overlook is the fact that no-limit tournament poker is an extraordinary and exotic species of the game, where normal rules don't apply and where basic strategy is eclipsed by specialized tactics.
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