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Cheating By Dealer

Cheating is currently only a small problem in legal casinos in the United States, but stay alert. You should be aware of ways that dealers can cheat and know what to look for. If you are cheated, you will lose very quickly. It will take you a week of playing against honest dealers to earn back what you can be cheated out of in an hour.

From the reports I get I am sure cheating still exists. But I have not knowingly been cheated in a long time. I am still always alert to the possibility of being cheated. No matter how friendly the dealer or how long I have been playing in that same casino, I always watch for cheating. I have not seen any in many years. The only times I have been cheated in recent years were in Indonesia and Korea. All Indonesian casinos have since been closed. Cheating is not a problem at Walker Hill in Seoul and the other major casinos, but in Korea avoid small hidden casinos (that might be illegal) and casinos way out in the country that get almost no customers.

I never cheat. I have had instances where a dealer gives me a sly or knowing look and flashes the next card to be dealt or the hole card. I always get up and walk away. I want to win, but I want to win honestly. I do not mind profiting from dealer errors or dealer sloppiness, but I refuse to be a partner with any dealer in a scheme to steal from a casino.

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Cheats and Cheating
Lou doesn't conceal his cards very well. Charlie always arrives early enough to grab the chair to Lou's right. Before Charlie acts, he glances out of the corner of his eye to see what Lou has. Bob riffle shuffles with the deck facing him and observes in what portion of the deck certain cards land. When Bill deals, he briefly tilts the deck forward to glimpse the bottom card.
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