Some websites on Online Blackjack Games advise you to dress differently in different Las Vegas casinos. They advise wearing fancier clothes on the Strip than in downtown casinos. Well, I dress for comfort. I wear the same clothes down-town as on the Strip, and have never had a problem with it.

On a few occasions I have had casino pit bosses look down at my shoes. I suspect that the reason for the shoe inspection is not fetishes, but hidden computers. The hidden computers I have seen and heard about require the user to input information by moving his toes up and down to activate switches in his shoes. So I suspect the bosses look at my shoes to see if I could be using a hidden computer to aid my Online Blackjack Games play. My shoes have al-ways passed their inspection. If your shoes seem to attract special attention, then you might change shoes. Or wear shorts, because the hidden computers I know about have wires leading from the shoes to the power source and output device elsewhere on the body.

By the way, do not use a hidden computer to play Online Blackjack Games. In some jurisdictions, notably Nevada, use of such a device at a casino game is a felony, as illegal as cheating.

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The Great Melting Pot
The players in private games include literally anyone. Whether a group of dentists or Supreme Court justices, players often tend to come from the same social stratum. Women play (currently they comprise about 10 percent of players; we generally use male pronouns in the book simply for stylistic ease), as do people of all ethnicities and ages. Cardrooms and casinos are even more of a melting pot. I've played in the same game with movie stars and gas station attendants, renowned professors and the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, motorcycle gang members and former Mob members (as of this writing, I've never played in a game that had one each of those groups ... but it could happen!).

Everyone is equal in a poker game. The high school dropout might win all the money from the world-renowned professor of psychology, and the homemaker with card sense might bust them both!
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