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Commonly Misplayed Hands
There are certain hands that seem to be consistently misplayed, even by experienced players who consider themselves to be astute at the games. From Atlantic City to Vegas, although the faces are different, most of the mistakes remain the same. You've got to make sure you don't become one of those faces. Some of the most commonly misplayed hands are thoroughly discussed on the next few pages. Without having seen the basic strategy chart first, how would
you have played them?

Correct play
12 vs. 3 up
16 vs. 7 up
11 vs. 10 up
A/3 vs. 3 up
A/7 vs. 9 up
A/7 vs.9 up
9,9 vs. 9 up
8,8 vs. 10 up
Online Blackjack Games vs.A up
NO Even money

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We're Serious About This
In serious games, the rules are important and may even be written down after agreement among the regulars. If the rules aren't written, players generally agree to abide by rules presented in a given book. Players comport themselves in a manner similar to that of a public cardroom or casino. Rule infractions are treated seriously and anyone who seems to deliberately break the rules may be requested to leave immediately. The stakes are usually higher than those in social games.

The game selection is usually limited to the same games as found in cardrooms and casinos, although you will occasionally run into a serious game that features a few slightly nonstandard games.
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