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Comp Withdrawn

Marvin French says:

I had a comp withdrawn at the Riviera in Las Vegas. They would not give me an explanation of why I had to pay my bill. I thought I fulfilled the requirements for my comp - I deposited $5000, wrote $6000 of markers, and maintained a minimum $25 bet. I played an average of 45 minutes per $500 marker. In addition, I lost $1500. My big bets were $50, split $25-$25. I was not going to use the surrender option, but when I fell $1500 down I began surrendering fifteen and sixteen against 10 and ace at high counts. Was this a mistake, do you suppose? I am guessing that my $25-$25 counted only as a $25 maximum bet instead of $50, thereby ruining my rating.

Don Schlesinger responds:

Nobody cares if you surrender. So, no, Mr. French, it was not a mistake for you to surrender at the Riviera. It was, of course, a mistake to try to fulfill the requirements of a comp that called for minimum bets of $25 by never on a single hand placing a bet that exceeded $25. The casino host expected more "range" in your betting.

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It's Social
Games like these might take place in a college fraternity or dorm, in a faculty club, or among a group of professional colleagues who meet weekly or monthly. They also often rotate among the participants' homes. There have been well-known games among literary celebrities that endured literally for decades. These games are often played for relatively small stakes. The smallest games are called penny-ante games. Social games are sometimes called kitchen table poker (even though they are as likely to meet in a basement or den as in a kitchen).
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