You have an excellent chance of getting an all-ex-penses-paid trip to Las Vegas. Watch your newspaper for ads in the sports section and in the personal classified. The yellow pages of your telephone directory may pro-vide some leads.

According to Anthony Curtis, junkets (with junket masters paid by the casino to bring in and host casino customers) are going out of style. More and more, individuals are making their own arrangements with casino hosts. This way the casino does not have the expense of a junket master. Also common these days are "spree" pro-grams, in which customers typically put up front money and then receive cash rebates after playing a specified number of hours with specified minimum bets. There may be an up-front charge for airfare and other expenses, but if you put in enough hours at the tables and bet enough money, your rebates should recover most or all of the cost of the spree. Sprees typically are arranged by travel agents that specialize in spree business. Your news-paper should provide leads here, also.

The definitive website on comps is Comp City by comp wizard Max Rubin.
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Poker ls a Game of Incomplete Information
Although games like chess and backgammon may be difficult to master, there's no mystery to them: All the information you need to succeed is sitting out in the open. You don't have to try to estimate where your opponent's queen is in a chess game, and you don't have to be worried about a hidden piece attacking you in a backgammon game. The difficulty in mastering these games and others like them comes in learning how best to use your out-in-the-open armies to overwhelm your opponent.
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