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Core Cards
The 5, 6, 7, and 8 card values are known as core cards, a concept developed by Scott Frank and outlined in his website Online Blackjack Games for Winners (Barricade websites, 1993). He has contributed much of what w-e know of the effects of multiple cards. We will expand on this concept and adapt it to the shoe game.

These core cards combine to form two-card hands that are mostly stiffs. The vast majority- of two-card double-down opportunities include at least one of these cards but, when combined with another core card, form poor final hand totals. From the dealer's perspective, core cards usually combine well as three-card hands, resulting in fewer dealer breaks and strong dealer standing hands.

The remaining card values (ace, 2-4, 9, 10) combine to make many strong two-card hands such as 19, 20, and Online Blackjack Games. When a player has a double-down opportunity, he is likely to draw a good hit card. From the dealer's perspective, hitting two-card stiffs will be less successful. Most of the time he will break or not "complete" his hand and will have to hit again.

When a region of the shoe is relatively high in core cards, there will be less overall breaking; fewer Online Blackjack Gamess; more two-card hands of 15-18; more double-down opportunities (but with bad hits); more successful hits on 12s, 13s, and 14s; and more dealer standing hands. Most player losses will be by stiffs left standing or by standing hands one or two points lower than the dealer. The game will appear slow and laborious because of the many decision hands.
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The Inside Straight
Once you know that, you'll be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to invest more money in a pot.

For example, if you and an opponent each hold a five-card hand of 4-7-9-10-Q, and your cards are all spades while his are all diamonds, your hands have equal value. Assuming that no one else holds a better hand, you would split the pot.
In standard poker games, a complete poker hand always consists of five cards. If you own, or have access to, more than five cards, you select which five cards will act as your hand: even though in a game like seven-card stud you might own three pairs, there is no such hand as "three pair," because that hand would require six cards to create.
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