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Cost of Not Toking

Hustling for tokes is something many dealers do routinely. Whether it works for them or not on a particular customer they forget quickly. I do not think a dealer has ever remembered whether I toked last time I played.

Sometimes after 1 have played a few hands without toking, the dealer will give me a gentle hint about sharing my good fortune by donating "something for the boys." I just keep smiling and act as if I do not hear or do not understand the hint. Usually the dealer stops hustling me and accepts the fact that I am one customer who has better uses for my money than giving it to a dealer.

Sometimes the hustle is not too subtle. In Germany, I am told, a dealer will shake the toke box in front of a winner to demand a toke. The most gross I personally have witnessed was at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, long before it became a Hilton property. While making a circular motion with his palm on his shirt pocket, the dealer opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as if he were begging for food.

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The Least You Need to Know
1. Poker involves both luck and skill.
2. It is difficult to draw absolute conclusions with short-term results data.
3. The best players are honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses.
4. If you can't stop when you go on tilt, you risk losing everything.
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