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Card Counters Cheating

it's certainly understandable that casinos do not ilcome people who can beat them at their own game; particularly, we think, they do not relish the reversal of roles which takes place where they become the sucker, the chump, while the card counter becomes the casino, grinding them down. The paradox is that they make their living encouraging people to believe in systems, in luck, cultivating the notion that some people are better gamblers than others, that there is a savvy, macho personality that can force dame fortune to obey his will.

How much more sporting is the attitude of our friends to the North! Consider the following official policy statement of the Province of Alberta's Gaming Control Section of the Department of the Attorney General: "Card counters who obtain an honest advantage over the house through a playing strategy do not break any law. Gaming supervisors should ensure that no steps are taken to discourage any player simply because he is winning. " So remember now, players and dealers both, from now on, no cheating; it makes the mathematics too untidy.

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Image Often Becomes the Reality in Poker
Someone who is perceived as being on a run of bad luck becomes a target; he can't bluff anyone. Similarly, someone who has been hot becomes feared and avoided and his run of good cards enables him to win even more pots than the cards entitle him to. It is important to understand what your current table image is when betting. Even though you don't want to make fundamental changes in your style because of a run of cards, you can and should make minor adjustments to take advantage of, or reduce the damage from, your current image.
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