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Disguise Counting Methods

This is a favorite topic of mine, for I'm intrigued with disguises, and when I discuss disguises, I don't mean physical changes. There are some card counters who have been barred from practically all casinos, and they must resort to false beards and things like that. The disguises I refer to are emotional and intellectual ones, for they are more effective than physical changes and are necessary to a card counter who is winning.

The following are the best methods of disguising play:
-- Don't stay at any one table more than an hour or in any casino more than two hours at one time.

If you play often enough at a particular casino you'll be recognized by the casino personnel. That's all right as long as they don't recognize you as a card counter or winner. By hitting and running, you stand the best chance of not being barred. Long play at any one table gives them the opportunity to really scrutinize your play, so don't linger.

-- Change your betting patterns when you have to. Even though the methods outlined in this Site give you the best chance of winning by altering your bets according to the count, there will be times you won't be able to do this and survive in a casino.

Sometimes if you've put out a big bet in anticipation of a favorable hand and the dealer shuffles up instead, it pays to leave the big bet out. If you constantly change your bets at the last minute when the dealer breaks the deck, it will raise a red flag in front of both the dealer's and floorman's eyes.

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Game Set-ups and Chip Buys
I devised these tables according to the criteria that in an eight-player game, each player should be able to buy-in for at least t<vent\- big bets, composed, mainly of the primary playing chip in that game. Twenty big bets is w1 tat I consider the lowest reasonable buy-in for a fixed-limit game. Remind your new players that t<vent, big bets can go very fast, even for the best of poker players, and that it would be unrealistic for them to view that buy-in as some kind of budget for the night. (Forty or fifty big bets is a more practical limit.)
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