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Counting System

Any counting system based on small cards versus big cards will get the money. If you are using a 10-count you should switch counting systems; but if you are already using something similar to the high-low, then stick with it. You should know the appropriate decision numbers for the exact rules you face, such as whether or not you can double down after splitting.

When you play next to another counter in a casino, the two of you almost always agree on which play is correct. If the proper play is to double down, most counting systems will say to double down. You can not tell what counting system the other person is using by just watching the play of the hands. Therefore, it does not matter much what counting system you are using; you would be making the same plays with any system.

Of course there are minor differences from count-ing system to counting system. But these differences are dwarfed by other factors. For example, you are better off playing a simple system perfectly than playing a complicated system with which you make an occasional counting or other error. The cost of the errors probably is greater than the gain from making slightly better decisions.

If you try using a more complicated counting system, you may find that you tire sooner, meaning you cannot play as many quality hours per day.

Another advantage to using a simple counting system is it leaves most of your thinking capacity for other things, such as carrying on a conversation and observing the people who are observing you.

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Call Dealer-Advantage Games
Most home games are dealer's choice. A winning strategy is to choose dealer-advantage games when it's your turn to choose. Games dependent on position have built-in dealer advantage because the dealer gets to act last.
Forms of draw poker top the list because you get to see how many cards the others will draw before having to make your own decision. You also get to act last on each of the betting rounds.
The best dealer advantage games:
- High draw poker
- Lowball (both single- and triple-draw)
- High-low draw
- Hold'em
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