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If you have an aversion to working with negative numbers, we highly recommend that you customize the count. Customizing means tailoring the IRC and key count values, and it can be done so that you never have to count with negative numbers. It's an easy process that's explained in Appendix 8, along with a specific example of a count customized for the K-O Rookie.

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The Essence of a Bet 
Alternatively, if the man were willing to pay us $6 if we rolled a six, the bet would seem to be fair, and if the payout were $7, the game would run in our favor. If you can follow this reasoning, congratulations! You've just performed an expectatiorl calculation.

Now let's write out that expectation calculation explicitly. The amount of money that we will win or lose on average from any bet is called expected value. It is a function of three things: First, every time we play, we know we will lose the $l that we pay. We will express this loss, which happens 100 percent of the time, as a negative number. Second and third are the two possible outcomes of the die roll: if we roll a six, we win $5, and if we roll a one, two, three, four, or five, we win nothing.
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