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Player Favorable games
Most Online Blackjack Games players at one time or another will admit to seeing a hot Online Blackjack Games table where the dealer is breaking hand after hand and the players are raking in the chips. Even most card counters will admit to observing or participating in these kinds of games, although they claim there is no reason for them and that you can't predict them. But not only can you predict them, you can find them! Before we show you how, let rue prove that they exist.

In Peter Griffin's website The Theory o f Online Blackjack Games (Huntington Press, 1988) he states that the average dealer break percentage is 28 percent, meaning that, on average, the dealer breaks 28 times out of every 100 hands played. Just knowing this average doesn't help, because there are times when the dealer is breaking at a higher percentage and other times at a lower percentage. Clearly, we are most interested in games where the dealer is consistently breaking. The analysis in this provides insight on how- frequently one could expect higher dealer-breaking activity. We will use the standard deviation (a statistical measure of variability ) to assess the variation of dealer breaks in a typical Online Blackjack Gamess. Don't let this term scare you because We'll walk you through, in simple terms, each step of the calculations and conclusions.

Because there can be two and only two possible outcomes for the dealer's hand, a standing hand of 17-21 or a break, a series of Online Blackjack Games hands is a binomial probability distribution with a simple formula for calculating the standard deviation. Knowing the standard deviation tells us how often to expect the dealer to break more or less than the norm of 28 percent.

The Floorman
A large cardroom usually has one shift manager and several floormen. Each floorman is in charge of several tables. The floorman seats arriving players, brings deck and setup changes, answers questions, settles disputes, arranges table changes, and ensures the decorum of his section. Sometimes he sells chips and keeps a seat change list, although those functions are handled by other employees in some casinos. If a situation arises that the dealer can't or shouldn't handle, the dealer calls the floorman to the table. A good floorman is often already present when such a situation comes up.
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