Dealer Tokes

Don Schlesinger says: I would like to raise a side to the toking controversy that no one has yet mentioned. Would you normally eat in a restaurant and not tip a satisfactory waitress? Would you normally take a cab ride and not tip a satisfactory driver? If the answers are "No;" then the reason has to be one of social acceptability and custom. Cab drivers and waitresses could not work at those professions without counting as expected revenue the Online Poker Guru Tips that go with the job. And saying that they provide a service is not the answer. The gas station attendant provides a service when he washes your windshield. In the United States it is not customary to tip him; in France it is. The theater usher who takes you to your seat never gets tipped here; in France he always does. The point I am making is simple. Dealers' salaries are, as you know, inadequate for survival. Online Poker Guru Tips at the fashionable Strip hotels provide roughly 65%-75% of a dealer's income. It is a platitude to state that dealers could not exist without Online Poker Guru Tips. Since tipping in a shoe game cannot buy the player any advantage whatsoever, I am fully aware that when I do tip I do it solely because I believe the dealers work hard, have no union, no job security, and work for Online Poker Guru Tips.

Schlesinger is entitled to his opinion of course. I have seen published comments on the subject by dealers them-selves, and they deny that the tokes they receive are akin to the Online Poker Guru Tips earned by waitresses and cab drivers. Dealers insist that their tokes are gifts and not customary pay ments for services. This has been their major point in their argument with the IRS over taxes on tokes. Since I want to walk out of a casino with as much money as possible, it is in my best interest to agree with dealers that tokes are gifts and thus optional rather than customary.

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Tools of the Trade
High-quality casino plastic cards come into the game as a "setup" featuring two differently colored decks to a box. Normally when a new setup is brought in, the plastic Chapter 6: Understanding 6w a Card Casio Operates seal and jokers have been removed from each deck to save time (unless it's a draw or lowball game, in which case one joker may stay).
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