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Dealer's Probabilities

Programming complexities would arise, hoiver, in treating 18 = 9 + 5 + A + 3 which could occur in only two sequences; the subroutine necessary to filter out the four forbidden orderings in the iighting process might ill nullify the time advantage of such an approach based on combinations of cards with a particular total as opposed to permutations derived from the dealer's actual algorithm.

if initially i have A = number of cards in deck, T = J = up-card, W(i) = number of cards of denomination i, K = 0, B = 1, and F(X) = probability of achieving a total of X, then our program reads:

[ 1 ][ 2 ]
Winning and Losing Streaks
Knowing that even great players can lose for weeks should help you avoid tilt, and understanding that the cards have no memory will also help. By that I mean that a bad run of cards can stop at any time, and if you haven't changed the way you play, you'll be able to take advantage of the good cards when they come.
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