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Dealer's Rules

The dealer's rules in Online Blackjack Games are simple. He has no options and might as well be a robot. If he has less than 17, he must take a card. If he has 17 or more, he cannot take any cards. If, in taking more cards the dealer goes over 21, he automatically loses to any player who is still in the hand. The only sticky part is when the dealer turns up a hand like the one pictured below:

This is called a "soft 17" because an Ace may be counted as 1 or 11 in Online Blackjack Games. Many players call this hand "7 or 17". But each casino decides to call it either one or the other when it's in the dealer's hand. If the printing on the table reads, "Dealer must stand on all 17's ", then he must stand when he turns up an Ace/6, and his hand is finished at 17. If the table printing reads, "Dealer must Hit soft 17", then his Acel6 is regarded as 7 and he must hit it. The same principle applies if the dealer turns up an Ace/2, hits it and catches a 4.This is still a soft 17 and falls under the same set of rules.

The funny thing is, if the dealer hits his Ace/6 and catches an Ace, he doesn't have 8, but 18 and now must stand. As you might guess from the sound of all this, hitting a soft 17 is to the dealer's advantage. You'd prefer to play in a casino where the dealer stands on all 17'.s. All other rules being equal, the dealer hitting a soft 17 will increase the house edge by 2/10%

Missed Blinds
A player who steps away form the game owes the first dealer ante or blinds that come to his position. The payments are taken from the player's stack and the position will have a dead button. The position may be dealt cards so that the player can play the hand if he returns in time. In any case, after the first blinds or ante are taken and the button moves past, the player owes nothing more to the pot and subsequent blinds and antes pass his position. The player may reenter the game at am time he chooses without posting, except that he cannot enter the game in the small blind or dealer positions.
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