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The Count of Zero

To illustrate this, again using the Hi Lo count, one can calculate a basic strategy advantage of 18% for a +13 count with 13 cards remaining from a single deck. Note that this is below the 26% we would presume using .5% per true count. But for a -13 count with 13 cards remaining the basic strategy expectation is a whopping -135% because of the many hopeless doubles and splits. This is far below the estimated -26%. it therefore follows that for at least one of the running counts betien -12 and +12 the actual expectation must be higher than the .5% per true count figure would indicate. This is because the overall expectation with 13 cards left must be precisely the full deck 0%.
To learn more about what happens in actual Online Blackjack Games we must resort to simulations.

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The Long Run Is Longer Than You Think
This may seem like an unreasonably long time, but the reality is that one big hand can skew your results for one 5-hour session. One outrageously lucky or unlucky card can turn a winning session into a losing one, and vice-versa. A few lucky hands might convince you your hourly rate for $20-40 hold'em is $20/hour, while your actual hourly rate might be $5 or even minus $10/hour. Only after you have played so many hands that your luck has evened out can you possibly gauge your established hourly rate.
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