Double Exposure

Double exposure is Online Blackjack Games with both the dealer's cards dealt face up for you to see before you play your hand, and the dealer takes pushes.

In October 1979, Vegas World in Las Vegas introduced "Double Exposure 21." Within a month, four other Las Vegas casinos introduced versions of the new game.

Vegas World has registered "Double Exposure 21" as a trademark. The generic name of the game was originally Zweikartenspiel - see Richard Epsteiri’ s Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic, page 249. However, casino customers called the game "double exposure" no matter where it was offered. The general manager of Vegas World, when asked about this, authorized in writing the generic usage of "Double Exposure 21." Therefore, the term "double exposure" lost its trademark status.

A variety of rules are offered at double exposure. See Current Online Blackjack Games News for current rules and estimates of your advantage or disadvantage with basic strategy.

Double exposure can be a good game for card counters. Several of the best money-making opportunities that have popped up in recent years have been for double exposure. Whenever you find double exposure with naturals paying 3:2, you probably have discovered a game worth playing.

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Strategic Concepts
Although strategies and tactics for many forms of poker vary considerably from game to game-plays that work well in draw can be useless in hold'em, and vice-versa-certain concepts are universal to all forms of poker. This chapter examines some new ideas and reviews some previously discussed important general strategic concepts.
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