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Watch out for alcohol. You might think that you will be watched less closely if you appear slightly inebriated, and what better way to appear Online Poker Guru Tipsy than to have a few drinks?

A buxom cocktail waitress asks if you want a complimentary drink. You name your favorite brand of Scotch. After two minutes, she brings you a liberal potion. As you polish off the drink, you notice that the dealer is picking up the cards faster and dealing faster. You should not really care, because you can count the cards faster than any dealer can deal, but you are slightly annoyed at being singled out for special treatment. The cocktail waitress sees your empty glass and asks if you want another of the same. Well, you say, why not? The second drink is just as powerful and just as good. As you finish it, the dealer again speeds up - amazing. This time you are annoyed enough to leave the table and walk out of the casino. At the next casino, a different dealer pulls the same trick. Just as you have relieved your thirst with another Scotch, the dealer picks up the tempo! Remark-able! Just your luck to run into to two ornery dealers on the same day. You move to a third casino and notice that it seems to have hired the world's fastest dealers. You find a friendly dealer, take a seat, make a bet and order another Scotch. After a couple of quick rounds, the drink comes, and you enjoy it. By now that nice, friendly dealer is moving the cards so fast that you are no longer confident of your count. You quit playing blackjack and wander back to your hotel room to think. By George, you cry to your swimrning brain cells, get organized! They make a muddled effort. The coincidence of three dealers speeding up on you is troubling, and so was the last dealer being too fast for you to count accurately. Finally, it dawns on you that the dealers may not be speeding up, but you may be slowing down! Alas alack, alcohol does not fit in with winning at blackjack.

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You must, of course, consider your opponent when deciding whether to bet a fair hand for value or to bluff. Against a perpetual caller, obviously you should rarely bluff. However, against such a poker games player you should bet any hand that you figure is a reasonable favorite to be the best hand. In contrast, against a tough poker games player capable of tough folds, you can get away with bluffs more often, but you should be more reluctant to bet your fair hands for value. A tough opponent is not likely to pay you off with his worse hands, and when he does call, he's likely to show down a hand that beats you.
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