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Effect of Removal on Dealer's Bust Probability

I can use the methods proposed in Chapter Six to estimate the dealer's chance of busting for various subsets. What we learn from the magnitudes of numbers in the "Sum of Squares" column is that the probability of busting tens and nines fluctuates least as the deck is depleted, while the chance of breaking a six or five will vary the most. This is in keeping with the remarks in Chapter Three about the volatility experienced in hitting and standing with stiffs against large and small cards.

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A bluff is a bet or raise with a hand you do not think is the best hand. With more cards to come, you in poker games should generally restrict yourself to semi-bluffs with hands that may become the best hand in poker games. When deciding whether to make a pure bluff in poker games, you estimate whether your chances of getting away with it are better than the pot odds you are getting. However in poker games, if there are more cards to come and you plan to continue to bluff in these game, you must take into account your effective odds.
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