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Some dealers use one deck, some use six, and some use other multiples. Decision numbers vary only slightly with the number of decks used. The tables are based on six decks, but are approximately correct for any number of decks. One-deck decision numbers are slightly different from multiple-deck decision numbers, but six-deck decision numbers are almost exactly the same as decision numbers optimized for two or eight decks. Some decisions are very close, and different methods of finding them can yield slightly different results. The decision numbers in this site have been found by a precise and time-consuming simulation procedure using a modified version of Black-jack Count Analyzer. The original version of Blackjack Count Analyzer calculates decision numbers quickly but approximately for any number of decks and any set of rules.

You should truncate and not round when using these decision numbers. Examples: If the count per deck required to double down is +4, then double down only if you have a count per deck of +4 or more, and do not double down if your count per deck is say 3.8. If the decision number is -1 for hitting versus standing, then hit if your count per deck, is -1 or worse.

At some casinos dealers stand on soft seventeen, whereas at other casinos dealers hit it. The discussion of this chapter initially assumes that the dealer stands on soft seventeen, and then also covers what to do when the dealer hits soft seventeen.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
On the end in poker games you should usually bluff with a busted hand when you think your opponent is weak. Against a tough player in poker games, the bluff tends to work more often in first position. However in poker games, if you have a hand with some value, don't bet when you are first in poker games so that you can snap off your opponent's bluffs. If you are in second position and your opponent checks in poker games, show down these same hands since they have little chance of winning if you bet and get called in poker games. The odds against a bluff in poker games is working increase almost geometrically with each extra person in a pot. Therefore in poker games, it is rarely correct to try to bluff out two or more players in poker games, especially on the end.
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