In mechanics the term "efficiency" is used as the ratio of the actual to the ideal, the quotient of work done by a machine and work put in. With this in mind it seems natural to define the efficiency of a card counting system to be the ratio of the profit accruing from using the system to the total gain possible from perfect knowledge and interpretation of the unplayed set of cards. What we learn from the mathematics, then, is that efficiency is directly related, and in some cases equal, to the correlation betien the point values of the card counting system and the single card payoffs approximating the Online Blackjack Games situation considered.

In Online Blackjack Games we have one card counting system which may be used for a variety of purposes; first of all to determine if the deck is favorable to the player or not, and secondly to conduct any of more than a hundred different variations in strategy which might arise after the hand is dealt. we can consider the card counting system to be an assignment of point values to the cards remaining in or deleted from the deck, at our convenience.

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Evening Out the Odds
Probably the single most important math or odds concept you need to learn in all forms of poker is the concept of pot odds.

Sometimes calculating pot odds is a very precise, straightforward matter; other times, you can be sure about some numbers in the equation but not about others and you simply have to make your best guess.
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