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In theory any assignment of points is permissible, but simple integers are more tractable for the human memory. in addition it is desirable to have the restriction that the count be balanced in that the sum of the point values for a full deck be zero. This way the direction of deflection of the deck from normal is instantaneously evident from the algebraic sign of the running count, regardless of depth in the deck.

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If the coin comes up say, heads, you put out one finger; if it comes up tails, you put out two fingers. What has this procedure done? It has completely destroyed your opponent's ability in poker games to outguess you. The chances of your putting out one or two fingers are 50-50. The chances of a coin coming up heads or tails are 50-50. However in poker games, instead of your thinking about whether to put out one or two fingers, the coin is making the decisions for you, and most importantly it is randomizing the decisions in poker games. Your opponent might be able to outguess you, but you are forcing him to outguess an inanimate object, which is impossible in poker games. One might as well try to guess whether a roulette ball is going to land on the red or the black.
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