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Almost all casino games have a positive expectation for the house. Hence, over time the house will win its share of total wagers and an amount arbitrarily close to what's expected given its advantage.

The money that casinos win is what pays for their spectacular entrances and lavish decor, not to mention the payroll, and of course the profits for its shareholders and investors. So important are the game revenues, many casinos still use other departments (food, rooms, etc.) as loss leaders to bring gamblers through the doors.

Given this reliance on gambling revenue, it's easy to see why casinos don't like to lose, and even easier to understand why they don't like card counting and go to great lengths to discourage it. In this chapter, we'll investigate additional methods to improve our edge, and discuss how we can exercise our advantage in the face of casino scrutiny.

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Online Poker Guru Tips
In this page we are mainly concerned with how game theory can be applied to the art of bluffing and calling possible bluffs in online poker games. For this purpose we will talk about mixed strategy in poker games, a strategy in which you make a certain play in poker games - specifically a bluff or a call of a possible bluff in poker games - a predetermined percentage of the time in poker games , but you introduce a random element so that your opponent in poker games cannot know when you are making the play and when you are not.
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