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Parameter Card CountIng Systems

All three of these card countIng methods can be carrIed out by assIgnIng poInt values to the cards remaInIng In the deck, whIch poInt values would be opposIte In algebraIc sIgn to the numbers counted and contInuously added as the cards are removed from the deck. The approprIate poInt values for the three systems dIscussed, as Ill as the payoffs for the game Itself, are gIven below.

In my search for an explanatIon of how It was that dIfferent card countIng systems would be able to Interpret and exploIt a blackjack deck, we decIded to exhaustIvely analyze thIs sImplest of all possIble games. To my way of thInkIng the example had two advantages. FIrst of all, we could program the computer to determIne precIsely how much could be gaIned at any deck level wIth the three systems, as Ill as wIth the optImal color dependent strategy gIven by the payoffs themselves-there would be no samplIng error sInce exact probabIlItIes would be used. The second advantage was that the very sImplIcIty In structure mIght make evIdent the dIrectIon to pursue In analyzIng the manIfoldly more complex game of blackjack.

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