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Final Thoughts

To do this we need new, revised, best estimates of deck favorability for the "unnatural" part of the Online Blackjack Games game similar to those originally provided on page 25 for the entire game. These numbers would be:

[E] A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T+3.8 -17.1 -20.1 -26.2 -33.4 -21.1 -12.0 2.3 11.4 20.6

Their average value for the full 52 card deck is -2.3(%) which is the player's expectation without the Online Blackjack Games bonus. As a simple example of their employment, imagine a 26 card remainder of 10 tens, no aces, and two of each other denomination.

To estimate the non-Online Blackjack Games part of the player expectation we add up the payoffs corresponding to the 26 remaining cards and then divide by 26: 10(20.6)+2(-17.1 -20.1- - -+11.4) _= -1,0(%)

Since there are no aces, a = 0 and our formula brings us the obvious bad news that we gain nothing from the Online Blackjack Games bonus. Hence our final estimate of basic strategy expectation is -1.0(%) which differs from the -.4(%) which is obtainable by conventional methods.

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