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Following Through
So now you know your basic strategy like the back of your hand, right? Not so fast! You can still get caught off guard and make some unexpected mistakes when surprise situations pop up and catch you by surprise. Here's what We mean:
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Where It Began
Tournament-wise, everything changed in 2000, when Ladbroke's held the first Poker Million tournament on the Isle of Man (a golf haven and tax shelter that is located between England and Ireland). The innovation, borrowed from the UK's Late Night Poker; revealed the players' hole cards to under-table cameras.

John Duthie won a million pounds and put on a brave performance, shamelessly bluffing hand after hand in a live broadcast that claimed millions of viewers in Europe and more later in an edited version shown in the United States. He capitalized on a tight reputation he had earned earlier in the event and by the time the opposition realized he had switched gears, Duthie had too big a chip lead to overcome.
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