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Forcing a Shuffle

I have found, after almost two years of playing black-jack, that Thorp's section on "punishing fakes" (page 127 of Beat the Dealer, 1966 edition), is one of the best techniques around to win at Online Blackjack Games. You simply raise your bet when the deck is bad and let the dealer shuffle up and start over. As an experienced player who knows most of the ways to get an added advantage, I can say for sure that this is the only thing you can do every day. Break-ins are best, but many experienced "fakes" will do the same thing. When you want the dealer to shuffle you raise your bet, and then you pull it back when s/he does shuffle.

There is an elderly male dealer working days at a large Las Vegas casino who thinks he is really tough. He will actually shuffle after the first hand on a two-deck game if you raise your bet. If you keep it the same he will deal the cards all the wav out. This is only if you are suspect, of course. He obligingly appears at my table every time I play there. Apparently the house thinks he is tops. I enjoy table-hopping without changing tables.

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Poker Faces
Even people who have never played poker have heard of "the poker face." It's one of the many poker expressions that has worked its way into mainstream English. Someone who has a poker face is capable of hiding his emotions, be they at a poker table (when we hide delight holding four kings, or anger at missing our flush draw), or in a business negotiation when the other side's first offer exceeds what our side was willing to take as a final offer.

Rather than celebrating and immediately shaking hands, we frown and indicate they'll have to up their offer if they want to have a chance-an exercise not merely of a poker face, but of a bluff. Indeed, business negotiations so often resemble high stakes poker games that some players have started offering their services as negotiation consultants. Businesspeople want to extract every possible dollar from a negotiation, just as poker players want to extract every possible dollar from a pot.
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