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Full-Time Online Blackjack Games

Some letters I get follow a pattern. The writer starts by asking whether Online Blackjack Games really still can be beaten, and whether it will stay that way or whether beatable games will disappear. Then s/he asks if it is possible to make enough money playing the game to support oneself. The writer finishes by saying that s/he is considering playing Online Blackjack Games full time and wonders what I think of that idea. One such letter comes from a lawyer who is earning $40,000 a year. He is thinking of quitting law for a year, to play Online Blackjack Games.

My answers to those letters also follow a pattern. I say yes, Online Blackjack Games really can be beaten. I cannot predict the future myself. Prophets knowledgeable about the casino business have been predicting the demise of beatable Online Blackjack Games since publication of Ed Thorp's Beat the Dealer in 1962, and what has happened instead is that Online Blackjack Games has been one of the fastest-growing casino games. Sure some casinos that were easy to beat have toughened up their Online Blackjack Games, but the opposite seems to happen just as frequently - other casinos liberalize their games and become easy places to win at Online Blackjack Games.

And yes, you can make enough money at Online Blackjack Games to support yourself, though it is not easy. You will have to patronize many different casinos because you will wear out your welcome if you stay too long at one. There are so many casinos that you will not run out of places to play. Of course your time is worth considerably more per hour at some casinos than at others.

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Natural Poker Faces

Some people have natural poker faces. For reasons that probably go back to their childhoods, you can't tell when they are happy or sad, tired or energetic, nervous or calm. Such a natural shield doesn't often help us socially-many people distrust those who don't let the world know what they are feeling-but it can certainly be a tremendous asset at the poker table, especially when our opponents stare us down.

Although sometimes called "the evil eye," there's nothing evil about a stare-down, of course. It just feels that way when you've pushed a significant bluff out there and your opponent sits and stares at you for a minute or two to see if you stop breathing.

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