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Advantage for the Full Deck

Naturally more money is won at the better game, but the percentage return, in this case, turned out to be smaller because more money was bet early in the deck on a rather small advantage. The same sort of situation can develop in comparing two multiple deck games dealt down to the same level: deep down in the deck the game with poorer full deck expectation may begin to show a higher cumulative percentage yield, albeit producing less total revenue.

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Poker Winnings and the Taxman
A lot of people, probably exercising their wishful thinking muscles, assume that if a casino (or any other income provider) doesn't report the income to the IRS, it isn't taxable. Sorry. Income is income. If you choose not to report it and get audited, get a lawyer, because the failure to report income gets the IRS more upset than just about anything else. Money won in cash games is income that should be reported too. If you win a substantial amount, the taxman will find you.
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