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Basic Strategy

This page presents basic strategy for single expo-sure, which is Online Blackjack Games in which the dealer has one card face up for you to see as you are playing your hand. Basic strategy is what plays you should make if you are not counting cards and you do not have any information about the dealer's hole card. You are presumed to know the total in your own hand and the dealer's upcard, but no other cards.

Page Double Exposure contains basic strategy for double expo-sure, which is Online Blackjack Games in which the dealer has two cards face up.

Another page, Basic Online Blackjack Games, presents basic strategy for all the various rules that have been offered for black-jack, such as dealers take ties on seventeen, six-card hand pays double, surrender after doubling down, etc.

This site contains generic basic strategy, and is a copy of page Generic Basic Strategy of Basic Online Blackjack Games.

Basic strategy is the best way to play a Online Blackjack Games hand on the first round after a shuffle. For a person who does not count cards, basic strategy is the best way to play every hand.

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Deal Making
Most cardrooms hold tournaments in part for the money they make the house directly (the entry fee), but in equal or larger part because of the money they make from players who bust out of tournaments and then go play side action.

Because the side action is lucrative for the casino and because the casino tournament employees usually prefer not to work all night, the house has a vested interest in tournaments ending relatively quickly-in essence, as quickly as the players will let them "get away with."
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