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Getting Barred

If you try to play Online Blackjack Games frequently, and put in long hours, you run the chance of wearing out your welcome. Here is one reader's letter:

After a one-hour session at a $5 table without any heat from the pit, varying my bets from $5 to $75, I cashed out with a $400 loss and was barred by the shift manager. The surveillance must have been totally from the eye in the sky. It was carelessness on my part that must have initially alerted them. I usually buy chips at a crap table, make one or two small line bets, and then drift over to the Online Blackjack Games tables. This time I bought in for $1000 cash at a Online Blackjack Games table and made $5 bets until the shoe heated up. Stupid! Now I have one less money tree.

If you are going to start out with $5 bets, I suggest buying in for $20 to $50, but certainly no more than $100. You can always buy more chips when the shoe "heats up.

When you bought in for $1000 and then bet $5, you brought attention to yourself in two ways. Bigger bets draw more attention, and by buying in with $1000 you were indicating that you were willing to bet big. Second, when you bet only $5, you were doing something out of the ordinary. Most Online Blackjack Games gamblers who buy in with $1000 start with bets of $50 or $100 and often after a few hands are betting multiple hundreds. Anyone who was watching you must have thought that your first bet was disproportionately small. The eye in the sky was probably thinking, "I know he is going to bet big. I wonder if it will happen when the count justifies it."

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Short Stack Tactics
If you find yourself owning a short stack, you certainly shouldn't give up. There are hundreds of stories about players who had very few chips left and who came back to win tournaments. How did they do it? More important, how can you?

First, don't panic. A surprising number of players are so uncomfortable playing with short stacks (there's no clear definition of what makes a stack "short," but in most situations you'd be safe claiming that a stack was short if it amounted to 25 percent of par or less). These players tend to give up and casually push their last chips in with any sort of decent hand, not wanting to endure the hardship of short-stack ownership. "Double me up or get me out of here," they often say when their money goes in.
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