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Don Schlesinger says: During a long New Year's weekend, the main pit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was all $100 minimum or higher tables, you could not ask for a marker of less than $1000, and white ($500) chips were as common as silver dollars. One Oriental lady played yellow $1000 chips each night at a reserved table and began each session by asking for a rack of chips, which, in this case, was $100,000. At another table, one of the highest rollers in Caesars's history was back in town after a three-year absence. He had lost millions at Caesars and the pit was buzzing in anticipation of his play. Throughout the casino the floormen watched all the play with their customary detached, vacant stares as if they did not know which $1000-a-hand player to observe first.

There is no casino in the world that I know of that is more tolerant of card counters than Caesars Palace. During Christmas week I played with the kind of counter I personally dislike. He would bet $25 or $50 on bad counts and then suddenly, and without any attempt at camouflage whatsoever, spread to two hands of $300 or $400 on high plus counts. He never spoke, never smiled, never tipped, never lifted his eyes from the table, and played for nothing but cash. He played with absolute impunity for the entire week, back-counting tables in the main pit to his heart's content and never once received so much as a single word of admonition from the pit. I have never yet seen anyone receive heat at Caesars.

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Aggressive Players and Passive Players
Aggressive players do a lot of raising. Although they will call if a situation truly demands it, they tend to prefer to fold if they can't raise. Often they will raise with hands that most players will fold, figuring that their aggression may earn them pots that their cards never could. The more aggressive a player is, the more difficult it is to put him on a hand. Super-aggressive players can raise with any hand.
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